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TR-900E Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
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TR-900E multi-parameter monitors new 15 inch (wall) product specifications

Product features
◆ New ultra-thin wall-mounted style, space-saving ease of placement and operation.
◆ High brightness, wide viewing angles,  colorful TFT 15-inch 1024 * 678 resolution
display, easy to observe.
◆ Touch screen operation, more efficient and convenient; and support the remote
control operation.
◆ Interactive man-machine interface,multi-level menu , ample setup  and displays
the abundance intuitionistic contents.
◆ Comply with the YY0709  alarm system, eye-catching sub-column independent
 warning lights can prompt to three sound and light alarm.
◆ Have a variety of styles of multi-lead ECG, Big font, RESP breathing, oxygenation,
short trend display interface.
◆ With pacing analysis, can be used simultaneously with pacemakers, defibrillators.
◆ Freezing and releasing waveform function, analysis of ST-segment. With 192-hour
 trend graph, 1000 sets of NIBP list, arrhythmia analysis and other functions.
◆ With alarm, multi-level pulse volume adjustable function; the parameter display
 colors can be adjusted based on user choice.
◆ With user information management function, to input patient information and
 identity management.
◆ Have a unique infrared remote control function to facilitate long-distance rounds
◆ Dual-temperature measurement, can simultaneously measure the temperature
and temperature difference between the display surface and the body cavity.
◆ External replaceable backup lithium battery, the battery can be used more than

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